Opera Simulcasts at AT&T Park

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  • Producer / Editor - preproduced content
  • AT&T Park Video Supervisor


  • ≈ 5 hour event
  • Fiberoptic transmission of live performance
  • Display on AT&T parks 103" wide scoreboard
  • Unusual aspect ratio of 29x9 (1920x600)


  • Yearly event
  • Free to the public
  • largest attendance ≈32,000 people

Free Live Simulcast

My role in the simulcast is to coordinate and create all of the pre-produced content that plays pre-show and during the intermission. On the day of the event I am out at the ballpark working with the incredible AT&T Park team to make sure all the content gets played on time and help adapt to the flexible timings of the live show. I produce the creaction of specific messaging from almost every department in our large organization; Development thanks our sponsors, Marketing promotes our upcoming season and other events and we in the Electronic Media Department shoot and edit behind the scenes interviews with artists and other interesting production related material – to name a few. We start producing this content about 2 months before the event.



This was a really cool event. We enjoyed watching Carmen on the big screen and enjoying the food and the view. Not every day you can go to the opera and eat garlic fries and pizza.

Television commercials

. . . which I cut too
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