Porgy and Bess

. . . an American classic


  • Editor
  • Colorist
  • Blu-ray authoring (local cinema)


  • 193 minutes
  • 1080i 29.97
  • 5.1 + Stereo


  • Released October 2013
  • DVD/ Blu-ray
  • KQED Television
  • Regional Cinema

An American classic

I edited from 3 nights of performance with 10 angles of HD video each. My challenge was to work on this project with the knowledge that I need to distribute to 3 different outlets: public television in the form of an Avid project with handles and separate layers for graphics and subtitles, HD master ProRes files for DVD and Blu-ray authoring out of house, and local cinema in the form of a blu-ray disc which I would author myself.

This project died twice and was brought back to life; each time having to be archived to data tape and restored.  Recorded in the summer of 2009, I completed a rough edit not long after.  Unfortunately the funding fell through and I archived the project hoping that I would get to finish it one day in the future. That day came, the data tapes were dusted off, and the project was brought back online.  At this point I basically completed the edit, but the money got held up again before we could finish it.  Back onto data tape it went.

There are a lot of moving parts in an edit of this size and if I didn't stay very organized, the disruption of putting the project to bed, forgeting about it, and then coming back years later could be deadly.  Luckily I took very detailed notes and was able to pick right back up on it to get the project completed.


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DVD + Blu-ray

Excellent, crisp and vibrantly colourful picture… Bravo, San Francisco.

Trailer from PBS broadcast

©Francis Crossman